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Configuring Nagios Client : NRPE Plugin

                                                                            We have discussed how to "Install Nagios Core on Amazon Linux Instance ". Please check the link for reference : My current Infrastructure details is given below : OS & Private IP Monitoring Server : Amazon Linux Instance ( Client Server : Ubuntu ( Create User nagios and install below mentioned package sudo useradd -m nagios sudo apt-get install libssl-dev openssl xinetd build-essential Now lets configure Monitoring server . Install NRPE on monitoring server.You can download the latest version of NRPE from Official Download page.Current latest version is NRPE 2.15 .Download the latest release using wget cd ~ wget wget Extr

Installing Nagios Core on Amazon Linux Instance

                                                                            I already have an running Amazon Linux Instance on my AWS infrastucture ,so i am not going to give any details on “How to spin up an Amazon Linux instance” :) . Port 22 and 80 is opend in my Amazon Linux Instance gateway. Currently i had connected to my instance using ssh (Port :22). Please go through the below link to spinup an instance Before we start installing Nagios Core we need following package to be installed .Please follow below Step : sudo yum install httpd php sudo yum install gcc glibc glibc-common sudo yum install gd gd-deve l After all dependancie packages had installed we need to setup Nagios User in Instance sudo groupadd nagcmd sudo usermod -a -G nagcmd nagios sudo usermod -a -G nagcmd apach e Now we can download the Nagios Core package and Plugins.Let store the download files in Download folder in